Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Few Fall Inspired Interiors

Tonight, I watched the Alabama game at a friend's house on her back patio. She has the best setup for game day: two TVs, a large sitting area, a fire pit, three grills (if not more), even a refrigerator! It's awesome! Anyways, I noticed that it had gotten quite chilly outside. In fact, I had gotten so cold that we rode home with the heat on. When I stepped inside the house, I could smell the scent of my pumpkin candle in the air and thought, "Oh Fall! How happy I am to finally have you here."

With the Fall season in mind, I ran across some interiors that I thought would be appropriate to share with you. See if you can figure out what they have in common...

via Ralph Lauren Home; other images found via here

If you guessed animal print and plaid, you are exactly right! I love the juxtaposition of the mod with the rustic. It's very unexpected, but it totally works. For me, the animal print is glamorous and brings some energy to the space. The plaid, on the other hand, is toned down and cozies the room up a bit. I would certainly do this in a study or something. What about you? Would you mix the two in your house?

Hope all of you in blog land are having a relaxing, fun-filled, (fill in the blank) weekend!

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