Friday, April 6, 2012

Behind the Lens: Patrick Cline

A majority of my posts relate to interior decorators, but today I want to focus on the unsung heroes of the design world - photographers.  True, it is the designer who sets the stage and makes everything look pretty, but you still have to have a great photographer for an interior to have that "X factor".

Patrick Cline is the co-founder and director of photography of one of my absolute favorite shelter magazines, Lonny.  To give you more of a background on Patrick, here is in excerpt from Lonny's profile on Etsy::
Patrick’s extensive knowledge and love of photography began in London in 1997 where he assisted some of London’s premiere photographers. He spent nearly a decade honing his skills on projects ranging from fashion editorial and car photography to digital retouching and commercial printing. In 2006 Patrick made the move to New York and founded his company Brand Arts, where he has since worked with clients in the cosmetic, fine arts and design industries. 
Now for the eye-candy...


These photographs are available for purchase here and range from $250-$400 in price.

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