Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Back

I have been off the radar for almost two weeks now. It's been a little crazy at our home lately. Here's what's been going on:

1) September 25, 2009

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The Hubby surprised me by taking me out to the place we first met called The Exchange, which is a hotel/restaurant/bar in Montgomery.

When we were first introduced two years ago, the Hubs and I were sitting at a large table with about 12 other people and had each ordered an appetizer. Once the food came out, he offered me some of his fried green tomatoes, and well, the rest is history. So for our anniversary this year, he wanted to do the same thing. Unfortunately, the Exchange took fried green tomatoes off its bar menu and its restaurant was already closed by the time we got there. We still had a wonderful evening though! 

2) Our Anniversary Weekend Turned Into a Day Trip to Atlanta, Ga

I had an itching to go to Atlanta, and the Hubs reluctantly obliged me. It ended up being a a fun trip, though. We went around to all the suburbs, including Duluth, which is where the Hubs lived when he was little. Once we arrived in Duluth, we discovered that the town was having its annual Fall Festival. Of course we had to go to it! And, I am SO glad that we did because not only did we buy 14 reference books for $14 (I know, I know! We are the biggest dorks ever!), but we also found a Slush Puppie vendor!!!!!!!

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Do you remember these? They are the best icee treats ever!

After the excitement of our watermelon slush and the fall festival, we went on a hunt for the Hubs's childhood home. Success! And then, he took me on a date to this Mexican restaurant he frequented while at GA Tech: Nuevo Laredo Cantina. They have the BEST food I have ever experienced - well the best Mexican food at least. Just look at the deliciousness...

3) Family Get-Togethers -- Enough said.

4) The Taste of the River Region

Last night, I worked a restaurant and beverage tasting event that the Montgomery Junior League sponsored. We got to try a variety of entrees, lots of sweet treats, and even some beer and liquor.  It was a great time. 

So, that's been the last 2 weeks for me in a nutshell. 

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  1. Happy anniversary, Baby!!! I'm glad Nuevo Laredo didn't disappoint. That would've been a long drive for something you didn't like.



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