Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celebrating CelebraTORI

A few weeks ago, Tori Spelling was doing a circuit on major talk shows in promotion of her new book, CelebraTORI.  And from what I could see, she had some fantastic ideas.  More like an entertaining manual, CelebraTORI features parting planning tips and tricks suitable for a ladies-only get together, a child's birthday bash, or a holiday soiree.  And guess what?!? It's all budget-friendly advice!  Yep, Tori says you can throw a high-end party with fancy decor at little or no expense by simply utilizing items from your own home and local thrift stores/flea markets.  (One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?)  Check out these images from Tori's guest appearance on Rachel Ray's show and The Talk:

 The cupcake cones are displayed in a wire basket that was flipped upside down.  Very inventive!

A DIY drink bar...genious!  And notice that nothing matches.  
Instead, it's a beautiful assembly of random vessels.

Another DIY bar, but this time it's for the Body and Soul.  Tori provides the ingredients for her guests to make their own face masks and body oils while attending her Spa party. 

Instead of going through a professional printer or the post office, she saves by making her own invites and hand delivering them to her friends.  Shown above are Pampering Party invitations attached to a bar of soap...isn't that neat?   

Look at how elegant this is!  And, can you believe the flowers are carnations?!? Tori stresses to give them a chance because not only are they pretty, they are also cost-efficient.  Note too that she uses random objects, like the suitcase shown above, to vary the height of her tablescapes. 

  Overall, I'd say Ms. Spelling did a wonderful job!  I'll definitely be adding her book to my "Coffee Table Must-Haves" collection!  But what do you think?  Would you buy it?

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