Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the Kitchen with Jacob: S'More, Please!

Sady here.  Jacob is literally in the kitchen now cooking a delicious dinner for us (recipe for which he will post next week.)  So, I have decided to share a yummy treat with you guys instead.  Neopolitan. Smores.  Yep, one's good enough on its own, but the combination of the two is just divine!  Here goes...

Rose Vanilla Marshmallows (or simply substitute plain pink and white ones from your local grocer)
- Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar from here, but these are great too! 
- Graham Crackers, see below

Place marshmallow and chocolate square on one graham cracker.  Toast them in the oven until golden and gooey.  Top with another cracker, and you've got a pink, white, and chocolate extravaganza for your taste buds! 

 Of course, store-bought graham crackers taste just as good.  This is simply a fancy option : ) 

* Photos and recipe adapted from Oh Joy! 

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