Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Designer Crush: Megan Young

I have recently discovered another great designer in the blogosphere. I mean, I am totally in love with Megan Young!  Her style is super sophisticated, very vibrant, and classic without being too stuffy.  Check out this eye candy from her North Carolina home...

via Google
In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die."  This space is absolutely killer!  I want need that carpet, and those green silk drapes are absolutely beautiful!  And just look at all the little thoughful details, like the upholstered headboard with the matching pillows, the trim on the drapes, and the green piping on the zebra print throws. Everything references another item, creating unity in an otherwise eclectic bedroom.

via Google
Here's the genious herself in her lovely LOVELY  living room.  Of course, the show stopper here is that peacock blue arm chair.  But there are also some other great pieces featured in this one space: the antique asian cabinet, the barrel back chair with gold rope trim, the cabana-striped silk curtains, and then that humongous diamond patterned sisal rug.  I'll take it all!

via Southern Living
Her breakfast nook is a little more modern but I still think it blends seamlessly with the rest of the home.  You can see that she made sure to repeat the natural fiber textiles and cool color pallette to ensure aesthetic flow as you travel throughout each part of her abode. 

via Southern Living
Here's the other side of her breakfast nook and part of her stunning kitchen.  I love the classic nature of the subway tile and simple white cabinetry.   It's so crisp and clean - the ideal surface for cooking.

via Addicted Design blog
Finally, here's a colorful yet tasteful vignette she created using a mix of design styles.  Very pretty!

Can't get enough Megan Young?  Here's some more of her portfolio sans my commentary:

To read more about Megan Young and her designs click here, or to see more of her portfolio, visit her website here.

Have a Happy Hump Day!!

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