Monday, March 26, 2012

Old Places, New Faces

If you haven't noticed already, HSHA got a new face over the weekend.  I had the opportunity to go through some old photos while designing a blog header for a friend, which inspired me to create a new image for my own blog.  Included in my new header is a Greek revival-style house or as some people call an "antebellum" home.  Characterized by what I deem quality craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail, and absolute grandiosity, antebellum homes are the epitome of fine southern living.  You can find them all over this region- in historical districts of large cities, small counties throughout Alabama, in the Mississippi Delta, and in swamp lands if you are in the Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana areas.  And did I mention that I LOVE them?!? 

So, while I was m.i.a. last week, we drove to Montgomery and I took some pictures of the city's Old Cloverdale District which features, among many things, Greek revival architecture. To give you a little background on Cloverdale, Tim Burton filmed "Big Fish" there in 2003, and during the Jazz Age, it was the home of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.  Other celebrities have also called it home at one point or another including Danny Devito, Ewan McGregor, Jessica Lange, Steve Buscemi, Glen Howerton, Billy Crudup, and Albert Finney.  Pretty cool, huh?   (I was actually very surprised to learn that not one, but two "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" stars lived there!)

Anyways, Old Cloverdale District really is a hidden jewel and I wanted to share some of its beautiful homes with you today.  (In advance, sorry about the photo quality, I didn't get a chance to edit them.) Here goes:

(the Fitzgerald Home)

I know they aren't all Greek revival style, but they are gorgeous nevertheless.  Don't you think?

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