Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tub-Day Tuesday

I am having one of those girly-girl days where I want to just soak in a fabulous bubble bath with candles, give myself a manicure, do a deep conditioning treatment, and just totally doll myself up.  Since we moved, I have definitely down-sized in tub space.  I had a garden bath in our last house, but now I have one that my butt barely fits into...ehh let's just say it's cramped!  I always tell the Hubs, "When I get my dream house, I'm gonna have         (this)         and I'm gonna have      (that)    ."  Well, one of the things that I fantasize about having is a claw foot tub - you know, like the one in "The Notebook?"  As I stated in my inaugural post, I have saved hundreds and hundreds of web images and magazine clippings of different interiors and decor, and thought I'd share some of my favorite bathroom pictures that either feature a claw foot tub or are just plain pretty.  Here we go...

via Jennifer Worts
This bathroom is what I call simple elegance.  It's so feminine but not over the top.  Love it!


via Decorpad
Doth my eyes deceive me or is that carrera marble on that tub?  And that gold detailing - so chic!

via Elle Decor
I posted about this beaut here.

Betty Lou Phillips via House Beautiful
This one has been popping up everywhere- design blogs, Pinterest, Decorpad- you name it, it's been there.  And, I must say, it is total bathroom perfection!  Why fly to Paris when you have this?

via Decorpad
Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely obsessed with mirrors and mirrored furniture.  I love what the designer did here, especially the juxtaposition of the mirrors, gray stained wood, and the gold faucets.  Mixing metals always produces a gorgeous, glam look.

via Two Ellie blog
I thought this bathroom was so interesting.  It is extremely eclectic, but it totally works.  Just check out the details: the mirror-topped vanity is to die for, the walls have great texture, and of course, you can't go wrong with marble on the bathtub!

via Anita Kaushal
Where do I start?  Seriously, where the heck do I start? This bathroom is absolutely stunning!  It's so sparkly!  And, I love how the masculinity of the stainless tub balances the femininity of the chandelier, antique mirror, and (I'm guessing) Moroccan wedding blanket. 

via Carrie Hayden
Another over-the-top space.  Marble, marble everywhere.  Mirrors too.  I'll take it!

via Decorpad
There are a lot of things right with this picture.  I'm really feeling the shower curtain.  It reaches ceiling height and is mounted on a hospital track.  And, how cool is that acid-washed, mirrored wall? (Wow!  That was a mouth full.)  This could definitely work in a bachelor pad, as well.

via House Beautiful
This is the other side of the Betty Lou Phillips bath above.  I love the towel/tea cart and pale pink towels.  Those little touches make it so dreamy.

via Katie Lee 
The Hubs and I need a floorplan like this - a soaker tub for me and shower for him. 

  via Windsor Smith
If you have the space, then this is the way to go.  Check out that vintage gray secretary.  And those shelves under the sink.  Exquisite!  

source unknown
Weathered wood and snow white fixtures make for a delightful bathroom.  Don't you think?

What would you put in your "One Day" bathroom?  A claw-foot tub?  Carrera marble?  A mirrored vanity?  Do share!

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